Lee R. Lambert, PMP, CEO
2009 PMI Fellow
PMI's Prof Development Provider of the Year (2007)
PMI's Distinguished Contribution Award (1995)

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Current Benefits to Logging In:

Create a login account now and we will begin tracking your PDUs for you! Simply fill out the information to the left to create a user account. Then, login before registering for your next workshop...we will do all the rest.

  1. Easy Registration: Logged in users are able to register faster when registrant information (including name, company, email address, PMI number & PMP status) is completed using our autofill feature.
  2. Tracking: Logged in users' registrations will be automatically tracked from the time they create their user accounts, forward. We will keep track of all completed courses and their associated PDUs and program ID numbers.

Future Benefits to Logging In:

In the coming months, we will be releasing additional user login features such as:

  1. Workshop/PDU Tracking: Currently, we are tracking logged in users' registrations behind the scenes, in the coming months, you will be able to access, and manage that information at your convenience. With just one click, these new features will allow you to view:
    • PDUs earned from LCG
    • Completed Workhops by date, title & PDU credits
    • Personal Attendance Records
    • Workshop Credits
    • Refunds Issued
    • Discounts Earned
    • Upcoming workshops in your area
    • And much, much more
  2. Receive Groupie Discounts: This feature will recognized logged in users' frequency of registrations, and apply discounts automatically, according to how many classes the student has taken with LCG.
    • 3 classes = $10 discount
    • 6 classes = $25 discount
    • 10 classes = $50 discount
  3. Mailing List Management: Logged in users will have the ability to customize their communication preferences with LCG, in regards to newsletters, blasts and promotional announcements.

Register for an account now, so that you will be ready to benefit from these features when they are released in the coming months!"