Lee R. Lambert, PMP, CEO
2009 PMI Fellow
PMI's Prof Development Provider of the Year (2007)
PMI's Distinguished Contribution Award (1995)

Avoiding and/or Recovering "Challenged" Projects: Breathing Life Into a Potentially Dead Project
8:30am - 4:30pm
8 PDUs (4 Technical, 4 Leadership)

Are you the last one to know your project is in trouble? Do you find out too late to have an impact? This real-world based learning program will look at the critical “triggers” that should be carefully created and closely watched to determine when/if a project (and maybe you) is headed for the graveyard. Some projects are born dead and others die a long and painful death. Now you can learn how to avoid a project fatality by gathering, analyzing and projecting “status” indicators.


1. Introduction a Troubled Project
2. Establishing a Core Group of Project “Health” Indicators
3. How to Gather the Data That Tells The Truth
4. How to Communicate the Truth Effectively
5. Learning How to Force Timely Decisions
6. Knowing When to Suggest Pulling the Plug
7. Conducting the Vital Post Mortem--Preventative Medicine
8. Summary and Conclusion


Upon completion of this workshop, you will be able to:

1. Recognize various signs, symptoms of troubled projects
2. Identify root causes of troubled projects
3. Assess troubled projects at each stage of the PM lifecycle
4. Develop and recommend options for recovery
5. Determine and execute methods for recovering troubled projects
6. Employ follow-up and monitoring processes to ensure recovery pans are effective

Registration fee includes breakfast, lunch and all supporting materials.

Continental breakfast and registration starts at 7:30am. Workshop begins at 8:00am. A working lunch will be served and the program will end at 4:30. The facility has a dress code, including collared shirts for the men and no jeans. Please contact them directly if you have any questions about the facility. Instructions for obtaining Certificates of Completion through our automated system will be distributed at the end of the workshop. These automated certificates will contain all of the information you will need to register your PDUs through PMI.


Lee R. Lambert, PMP, CEO
PMI Fellow (2009)
PMI Professional Development Provider of the Year (2007)
PMI Distinguished Contribution Award (1995)

Lee Lambert takes the saying; "been there, done that, got the T-shirt" to new heights in project management training, by incorporating a pragmatic perspective and a unique use of personal analogies to help bring the subject matter to life. No other Project Management educator can contend with his uncanny technical knowledge, material content and refreshing delivery - not to mention his humorous, engaging, CommonSense™ style that has mesmerized more than 40,000 students in 21 countries. Lee has been an honored and distinguished member of the project management community since 1968 and was part of the original team that formulated and implemented the PMP Certification Program. He is recognized as one of the most effective project management educators in the world.

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