Lee R. Lambert, PMP

A Founder of the Original PMP® Certification (1984)
PMI® Fellow (2009)

PMI® Professional Development Provider of the Year (2007)
PMI® Distinguished Contribution Award (1995)

Risk Management for the Real World On-Demand

Lee Lambert
8.00 PDU's (6 Tech, 2 Lead, 0 Strat)

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Participants will be exposed to the benefits of applying sophisticated Risk Management Techniques in a simple, easy-to-understand way. No hyperbole, just a straight forward, from the gut treatise of how the individual contributor and project manager alike can take advantage of the product of realistic, out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to identifying and handling project risks that may have significant future impact on the ability to deliver on stakeholder expectations. Risk Management isn’t brain surgery, but using your brain is helpful. Students, using real world examples and exercises, will learn how to anticipate the less obvious (subtle), but potentially significant, project risk events before they occur, thus allowing the impact of these events to be coordinated, communicated, minimized or eliminated entirely. These eight hours of focus on proactive risk thinking may change your opinion and your Value Add potential about risk management forever.


1. Introduction to Project Risk Types—How important is it?
2. Risk Identification and Forecasting—What IF?
3. Quantitative Risk Assessment & Analysis—How BAD Can it Get?
4. Risk Response Planning—Now What Do You Do?
5. Risk Monitoring and Control—Things Change?
6. Coordinating/Communicating Output—The FINAL Act!
7. Summary and Conclusions

Learning Objectives:

• Upon completion of this Stealth Learning Program the participants should be able to:
• Recognize the significance of proactively managing risk on their project
• Separate Risks by impact category to assure the most critical Risks are “managed”
• Prioritize Risks based on a combination of Frequency Probability and Potential Impact
• Understand the difference between Independent and Dependent Risk events
• Justify the establishment of Expected Monetary Value for Contingency Reserve 
• Conduct a Cause and Effect analysis once a Risk event “begins” to take place
• Use Risk input to analyzing the impact on the Project Performance Measurement Baseline
• Clearly and effectively communicate the status and impact of Risk

We look forward to welcoming you to our little project management family!



Lee R. Lambert, PMP, CEO
PMI Fellow (2009)
PMI Professional Development Provider of the Year (2007)
PMI Distinguished Contribution Award (1995)

Lee Lambert takes the saying; "been there, done that, got the T-shirt" to new heights in project management training, by incorporating a pragmatic perspective and a unique use of personal analogies to help bring the subject matter to life. No other Project Management educator can contend with his uncanny technical knowledge, material content and refreshing delivery - not to mention his humorous, engaging, CommonSense™ style that has mesmerized more than 40,000 students in 21 countries. Lee has been an honored and distinguished member of the project management community since 1968 and was part of the original team that formulated and implemented the PMP Certification Program. He is recognized as one of the most effective project management educators in the world.

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8.00 PDU's (6 Tech, 2 Lead, 0 Strat )

Risk Management for the Real World On-Demand

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