Lee R. Lambert, PMP

A Founder of the Original PMP® Certification (1984)
PMI® Fellow (2009)

PMI® Professional Development Provider of the Year (2007)
PMI® Distinguished Contribution Award (1995)

Video Webinar

Video used to be a hassle, but with advances in the consumer video market, it’s an extremely accessible medium for your training department.
Video Webinars
[Video] allows us, as trainers, to connect ourselves with an audience we can’t see… People don’t want to read about something. They want you to show them how to do it.
Video Webinars
While some businesses may still go the traditional route of offering sizable binders and packets containing the necessary protocol, it’s the training videos that tend to offer more value to employees.
Video Webinars
Video lends itself to blended learning more easily as well. Managers are often terrible trainers but wonderful facilitators.
Video Webinars
[Video in eLearning] lowers the cost of delivery and overcomes the need for centralized location-based training.
Video Webinars